In the first week after the non-waiver trade deadline, Oakland Athletics designated hitter Mike Piazza.

He had an interesting finish.

I think he should place 12th on our Player Priority list this offseason read more »
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Vlad's numbers: .326 22 HR's 110 RBI's 79 runs scored

While Vlad is still putting up some serioius numbers, 22 homers is a little low for him,no? He had 32 and 33 the last 2 years.

We should up is marketability rating to 4/10 read more »
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Well this trade has been floating around the Philadelphia forum for the past couple of days/week, and just wondering what the opposite side my think/say.

Basic trade is Pat Burrell for Brandon Wood and a prospect. Burrell loves the west coast, and he once again put up 30 HR's 100 RBI. The Phillies need a third basemen and he could do well in CBP?

Tweak it, praise it? read more »
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See morgan ensberg was designatedfor assignment today so you think the angels can get him they need a third baseman. read more »
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After watching last nights game, the Mickey Hatcher Hitting Philosophy became crystal clear:

"Take strikes, swing at crap"

Can we give him a chance to clarify the overall view of his philosophy? read more »
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