If Glavine is interested in the Cards and willing to sign under 10 million, I'd sign him. He'd be a great leader with knowledge he could pass on to the younger pitchers. And if he could remain healthy and go around 200 innings again, he would be much better than most free agents. Also, if I was managing him I would reduce his innings early on, even skip some days so he would be well rested during the playoffs.

But honestly, I believe it's a long shot, but if he's willing like Gordon thinks in one article he wrote. Go for him.

The Cards need to sign two more starters to go with Wainwright, Looper, and Pineiro. And they need to be proven winners who can go about 200 innings in a season. Otherwise, the Cards are wasting their money again. Count Mulder and Carpenter out. Have them beat out 1 of the 5 starters.
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