"The minor league Rule 5 draft is a place for teams to fill a hole on their Double-A roster, not a place where teams expect to find a future big leaguer. But in the case of Eugenio Velez, at least one scout believes the Giants have an impressive find." read more »
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Jenkins is interesting. He's had a very consistent, productive career. Similar numbers to mike lowell and should be cheaper.

It is worth a look to see what his contract interests are. read more »
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1. Not too old
2. plays with fire
3. Good hitter
4. fills an need
5.good baserunner
6. not too expensive

1. Average D
2. Weak arm
3.zero pop
4. An 02 Angel
5. injury prone

Personally, I like Vizquel, but at 41 I wonder how he will help us acheive our goal of getting younger. If we aren't serious about winning next year then it seems like a waste to bring him back. read more »
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a proven closer to strenghten our bullpen.

He should be our number one target with regard to our closer need. read more »
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...OBP has nothing to do with RBI and SLG.

This guy is a lock to start @ 3b for us in 2008 read more »
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