1) he is the best defensive 1B we have
2) he can't gt any worse than last year
3) playing for a contract somewhere next season
4) we'd have to pay at least $10 mil to dump him
5) you know having all these "old" coaches around is going to have an influence on him
6) he doesn't want to leave his hometown area on a bad note
7) Raul would be easier to move for pitching because he is underp read more »
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Great role player who can walk and hit for power and average vs righties (as good as Raul in all likelihood). He also can compentently play more than one position in the field. (UNLIKE Raul, lol).

Can we get a report on what his contract interests are? read more »
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I can't believe there are so many on this forum or other places that think Broussard is an answer to our need at 1B or anywhere in the lineup.
Read this and please absorb how ordinary he is. Realize you are wrong....he is NOT the answer to a team trying to make the playoffs. Stop suggesting he is anything more than a part time player.
Baseball reference has a statline for each player based on read more »
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Option just declined by the Orioles. If he's over the injury and can be brought at a markdown from last year's contract (8M to 3-4M) would he fit the bill as a #3-4?

Not a long term solution but if he could pull Batista/Washburn type #'s at a relatively low price it might be interesting. Weaver's money alone could pay for him.

It would be nice to see a report on what his contract intere read more »
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I do not believe the Mariners have the luxury of depending on Ramirez. However, it would be interesting to see what Mel can do with the pitching staff. I would much rather rely on Baek, Rowland-Smith and/or Morrow as the #4-5 in the rotation. read more »
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