I can't believe there are so many on this forum or other places that think Broussard is an answer to our need at 1B or anywhere in the lineup.
Read this and please absorb how ordinary he is. Realize you are wrong....he is NOT the answer to a team trying to make the playoffs. Stop suggesting he is anything more than a part time player.
Baseball reference has a statline for each player based on them playing a 162 game season. Broussard doing so would put up 20 HR's, 73 RBI to go with a .267 average and .328 OBP. That is mediocre. He would K over 100 times. He K's too much for a guy with such limited power. His total inability to hit LH pitching by itself limits his offering. For his career he hits .227 with an OBP of .290 against southpaws.
Some would suggest he is a great platoon player. Wrong again. He doesn't even hit RH enough to warrant a platoon role. The past 3 years he has hit .283 vs RH with an OBP of .330. Just ordinary.
If the M's want to take the next step it must be with a stronger bat at 1B than Broussard. He is a nice bench player....or 1B platoon player for a Tampa Bay, Pittsburgh or Kansas City. NOT for a team that has its eyes on the playoffs.

Can we please demote him on our depth chart?
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