Now I know I’ve bashed Olsen in the past but this is a positive post. I've gotten over the whole drunk driving incident and the fact that he might not be convicted if he completes the diversion class he's taking. I think it is in his and the teams best interest to part ways at this point. With Samson and Olsen going at it, clearly it's better for both sides. I feel bad for Olsen at this point, doesn't it seem like that fire is gone, he no longer shows any emotion and he just looks out of it. Like he's been going through the motions every since the drunk driving incident, almost like he wants to go some place else. He's even said he feels like there going to trade him anyways. He thrived on the that fire and raw emotion, yes he lost his cool often with that fire and used it negatively but I think that fire is what made him a good pitcher. I just feel really bad for the guy right now. I do wish him the best of luck and I hope he can pull out of this tailspin and get his career headed in the right direction. Good luck Scott and hope to see you pitching successfully in the major leagues next year.

We should upgrade his marketability rating to 8/10
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