The Dodgers just bought out Wolf's contract. He is now a free agent. He has had success in Philly and is a lefty. The Phils should chase him with an incentive loaded deal. He is definitely better than: (1) Eaton (2) Lieber last year and most certainly there ate $10 million reasons he is better than (3) Garcia.

Can we see a report on what his contract interests are? read more »
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I dont know how many of you would support me on this or think im totally out of my mind, BUT!!

I honestly believe that Werth could cover Rowands production from past year. Remember he was a Prior First round Draft pick and a High Prospect until he shattered his wrist in 05...

In just 255 AB's he had a .298 BA, 43 Runs, 49 RBI, 8 HR, 7SB, and all this was done in 94 games this year. Conside read more »
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I don't care if Wes Helms signed 2 years, he can't play. Dobbs can stay, but Helms, why? He barely got any hits. Nunez was a better choice, even though he's got no offense. Let's watch next year.

Helms should be relegated to our bench and we should update our depth chart accordingly. read more »
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Well Mr. Craig Landis spoke today and has said the free-agent center fielder is seeking "market value." The Phillies have indicated they're willing to pay him "market value." So, what's the hold-up?

3 years 11 mil per

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He's 44, I know, but I still think he provides some pitching. I don't even think he likes baseball anymore. He's been a big leaguer for 21 years. He's getting tired.

Can we get a report on what teams might still be interested? read more »
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