I dont know how many of you would support me on this or think im totally out of my mind, BUT!!

I honestly believe that Werth could cover Rowands production from past year. Remember he was a Prior First round Draft pick and a High Prospect until he shattered his wrist in 05...

In just 255 AB's he had a .298 BA, 43 Runs, 49 RBI, 8 HR, 7SB, and all this was done in 94 games this year. Consider his .404 OBP and .863 OPS he has done very well.

I dont know if ppl see it this way but in 94 games Werth was involved in 102 Runs. Now if you take away 8 RBI for his 8 HR he was still responsible for 94 Runs in Exactly 94 Games!!

Hes our Man let Rowand leave and hopefully we get a First Rounder and a Comp pick.

We should update our depth chart accordindgly
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