I'm suggesting the Bucs sign three (3) Japanese All-Stars in 2007 free agency.

1) RF/CF Kosuke Fukudome, 30, LH speedster, ranked as 5th best available FA. Can hit with power, coming off elbow surgery, personally scouted by at least 9 top ML teams, expected to command 4 yr/$36M contract.

2) RHSP Kazume Saito, 29, ranked as 15th best available FA. has won 3 of past 4 Japanese Cy Young awards, expected to command 3 yr/$27M contract after posting rights paid in excess of $20M. A true #1 starter; would slide the others back to their more realistic spots in rotation. Think Dice K and what he's done for the BoSox.

3) LHRP Hitou Iwase, 33, LH closer, comparable to Akinori Otsuka, ranked 17th best available FA. Expected to command 3 yr/$15M contract. Would replace Gonzo and move Buc's bullpen back to former strength

The Kuwata signing broke the ice on the Three Rivers. Now with the ice broken, perhaps this trifecta of Japanese All-Stars can be signed, sealed, and delivered to PNC Park as a group in a dramatic and dynamic attempt to resurrect Pirate baseball. Signing all three as a group would enchance the chances of signing each one individually.
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