I know this isn't new, but I keep seeing posters on this site wondering if Ellsbury will be a rookie in '08.. ... He will. ... Just barely.

I'm virtually sure of this -- a position player is a rookie (and eligible to be named Rookie of the Year) if he starts a season with no more than 130 career big-league at-bats AND no more than a total of 45 days of active big-league service in previous seasons between Opening Day and Aug. 31, when rosters expand. ... Ellsbury spent only a couple of weeks on the 25-man roster back in June (early July?) and finished the regular season with 116 ABs.

(With a pitcher, subsitute 50 career innings for 130 career ABs)

So maybe the Sox have this year's ROY and next year's too. ... We'll see.

Time to shop COCO and give this kid the starting job!
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