If the Rockies want to take a significant step in the next two years, they need to mix in a couple more veterans with their stud young players. Posada is a guy who could have a HUGE impact in Colorado over the next two years. He calls one of the best games of any catcher, and is a proven gap to gap switch hitting catcher. I know what you are all saying while reading this. He is too expensive. Well, not if they move Hawpe, who will make in the 3-4 million range after arbitration, and Fuentes, who will be in the six million range next season. This would essentially be a swap, as Jorge will probably get between eight and eleven million per season as a 36 year old catcher. He still throws well, and is coming off a great season. Imagine Jorge hitting behind Matty and if front of Garrett? He would help our young pitchers and is a proven winner and great clubhouse guy. Go get him Rockies!
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