personally ive been a fan of griffey since he was a mariner in the early 90's when i first understood baseball ( see my profile pic) heck i even modeled my swing as a righty after him because its one of the smoothest swings in the game regardless if hes an L or R handed hitter.... im a major fan of griffey even at this point in his career yea he might cost a little but there has to be some give to gain some take.. i dont know if griffey would like to be a DH and i know he wants cinci cause of griffey Sr. but i think this guy would be much less the cancer of a bradley or bonds would be.. which is where everyone wants to lean apparently. hes lost a major step yes.... but id rather have griff jr over tyner or over coco crisp... i cant believe anyone would want a 49 HR career guy over griffey. i think one of our young pitching stars not garza or slowey plus a crain would be a perfect trade. hed fill the void torii leaves (cause we all know hes gone sadly) but he would fill that void. i dislike crain but i think hed absolutely flourish in the NL and if u package blackburn or anthony swarzak with crain it would be a good deal for both teams. i dunno maybe i just hold a soft spot for griffey but if i was cinci id jump at that deal... plus maybe oswaldo sosa and guerrier for an atkins type... and then throw a 12 mil a year/ 3 year deal at lowell if its possible if its not then we can hope macri/buscher is ready to play a ful time major league 3rd basemens role i have no idea of plans for the future.. but this lineup would absolutely be better than last year.

Can we see a report on what the Reds' interest level is?
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