.268/.327/.439 overall, good for 102 OPS+.
.381/.440/.762 in September, good for a 1202 OPS.
.364/.438/.509 in August, good for a 947 OPS.

This guy is a star and we consider starting his extension discussions. read more »
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Given his history for leg injuries, is there any talk in Minnesota about moving catcher Joe Mauer to another position? If so, where would he move? If not, how long will he last at catcher?

Can we begin the conversation with him about extending his career? read more »
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I was always a big fan of Lew Ford.... I liked what he brought to the game. He and Nick both played at a level I wish the rest of the team aspired to do. I only wish Lew all the luck he deserves. It's probably good for Lew and the Twins that things worked out the way they did. I hope he gets a chance to play more for another team and gets to redeam himself.

Can we adjust our depth chart accor read more »
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Did anyone besides me see that Koskie is now a free agent
and may be available to return to third base for the Twins.

Okay so he is old and had a concussion but still better
than any current options at third.

What are his contract interests? read more »
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Silva rejected a Twins offer of 3 years/ $22 million.

Silva wants a 4 year deal.

He is worth it and we should be getting this deal done read more »
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